Tatty Teddy ecards

A series of animated ecards for Carte Blanche Greetings

Carte Blanche Greeting had always wanted to animate their iconic Tatty Teddy character. The problem was that there was only one artist who drew him and they were too tied up with creating the cards to put the time into frame by frame animation projects. They had previously tried to achieve this with a top Soho facility but they had not got it right and the project was shelved.

We came in to advise on animating other characters in their range and also suggested a fresh approach may work with Tatty Teddy – achieving their goals of time and budget, but most essentially, nailing Tatty’s look and feel – so key to the brand.

We constructed a precise model in 3D and designed a process to generate several passes, giving a hand drawn ‘sketchy’ look which the artist was after, whilst maintaining the ability to animate him quickly and fluidly.

They were so pleased, they commissioned several e-cards featuring the bear as well as others featuring their other characters.