Art Attack

Design by Alan Scragg
© Media Merchants

Art Attack - CITV

Title sequence and stings for the award winning childrens show.

They were first created in 1992 for series 3, renewed for series 7 (1995), series 12 (1999) and series 17 (2004) and used through to the final series 20 in 2007. We also created a number of other variations of the titles and elements for specials, Art Attack Scrapbook series and foreign language elements.

The graphics were inspired by the oversized art materials used in the set. There's chaos as tubes of paint, pens and crayons etc come to life.

The later version of the opening titles happens in a 'virtual gallery' of plain white canvasses, art materials and objects from the show. There's mess and mayhem as 3 paint blob characters fly around and start a chain reaction of paint splats that cover the otherwise stark environment, finally resulting in splattered chaos.