Overseas Property TV

© The Overseas Property Channel and Rapid Broadcast

We are delighted to have worked with Rapid Broadcast and MRI on the Overseas Property TV channel. The channel provides information and entertainment to anyone looking to buy property abroad.

We created the graphics for the channel branding and idents as well as the titles, break bumpers and in-programme graphics for the varied programmes on the channel. This meant working in a number of different styles to match the feel of each programme.

Below are just a few examples of the graphics from the channel and the 20+ programmes we worked on.

Channel Idents

For the main channel idents, the logo was placed in various settings that reflect the aspirational feel of the channel.

Destination Lunch

Celebrity guests chat about their favourite foreign locations and sample cookery from around the world provided by the in-house chef. The titles use an airport departure board as a basis to show glossy programme and celebrity shots.

Property Pensions

Financial advice from the in-house expert on how to maximise the benefits from pensions and properties, with specific advice for various overseas regulations.

Site Unseen

Advice for buyers looking to purchase a property that is yet to be constructed. The opening title sequence consists of layered property plans, sketches and visualisations of buildings under construction.

Hot Nights Cool Places

Showing the best restaurants, clubs and nightlife around the world, this is the guide to nights out in some of the most beautiful destinations.

Where in the World?

Late night fun celebrity game show. The globe is a lively bouncing ball, dotting locations and landmarks around the flat world map. It knows more about geography than some of the guests do!!

The Real...

The ultimate destination guide. Everything you need to know if you're considering property investment around the world. The programme titles show a tourist guide which folds out to reveal shots from the various locations and properties seen in the programmes.

The Boland Show

Late night chat and music with special guests presented by Maurice Boland.